We Inspire Happiness

Our Purpose

At the Heart
of Lesli Ink

In place of a traditional About page, we’re
sharing something a little more personal –
our Style Guide. Our brand story, voice &
tone, and visual identity together show how
we express ourselves as a company and tell
our unique story to the world.

Brand Story


Lesli Ink is an award-winning design studio that makes premium
level design services accessible to small and medium sized
businesses. We create websites, branding and all things print with
great craftsmanship and care.

We have a sweet spot for start-ups and have helped many launch
their brand and online presence. We provide a hands-on approach
that is personalized and open. We're nimble and able to scale as
needed to ensure success on every project large or small.

brand experience

Lesli Ink shares the same reality as many of its clients. As an
entrepreneur, it involved Lesli Ferguson taking a risk, and creating a
dream company from the ground up. It's about intentional living
and making a living doing what you love. We have a simple mission;
to collaborate with our clients to make compelling work that works.

brand identity

A brand is more than words and a logo. It’s a philosophical approach
to how a company expresses itself and shares its story. Brands who
understand themselves completely have better overall
communication. That’s why we don’t try to be all things to everyone.
Rather, we focus on being ourselves, true to our core purpose and
what makes us unique. A consistent voice & tone, combined with
visuals that express our brand story, help us to express this through
a cohesive, recognizable brand personality.

Brand Values

The following brand values help create a cohesive identity and brand
foundation that represents who we are and how we behave in the
world in an authentic and engaging way.

of heart

Everyone appreciates being recognized as an
individual. From the first point of contact, we
make our clients feel welcome, unique, and
part of the family.


Like the best host, we’re always one step ahead
of the moment. Grounded in a unified sense of
who we are, we anticipate the changing needs of tastes.

Back of the drawer

You can argue that people will never see it, but
it is still important to us. It’s our way
of demonstrating we care about the people we’re
working with.

Brand Guide

V o i c e
T o n e

& Tone

Brand voice is our personality. It’s the words, phrases,
and characteristics unique to our brand that set us apart.

Brand tone is how we communicate who we are. It’s what
happens when we turn our brand personality and point
of view towards a specific target audience.

Be Positive

Use language that is fresh, uplifting, and when
appropriate, encouraging. Always frame things
in the affirmative. Refrain from beginning sentences with “no.”

Speak with
a uniquely
human voice

Understand your audience is not necessarily technical,
so use language that is simple yet smart, relevant, clear,
and conversational. Think about what motivates your
audience’s interest in your message. Take your cues from
your audience and meet them where they are.

Be Engaging

Use active language, bring a sense of adventure to what
might otherwise feel mundane, and avoid repetition by
adding an occasional element of surprise.

V i s u a l
I d e n t i t y


When space is limited you can use the L letterform from the logo on its own for greater impact.


On any branded asset where the website URL should be included, use the appropriate lockup as above.


Our primary colour palette plays on the contrast of warm and cool hues, with a touch of gold.


Red is our star for infusing energy and optimism.
As primary colours, Coral and Salmon add delight
and the element of surprise within the brand.
Salmon is best used in small doses.




Blue is the perfect compliment to our reds, providing
balance and stability. Because of their calm nature,
both Celeste and Navy Blue are good background colours.
Using Navy Blue for type is a subtle way to add dimension.



Gold adds flare and class. It aligns with the premium design
service that we offer, in a playful way. Gold is used sparingly
as an accent throughout the brand.



Our typography is a visual expression of our
voice. Our typefaces have been carefully
selected for their unique visual characteristics
and overall personality in
alignment with our brand.

Brand Fonts


This playful variation of classic Caslon is
full of presence. The Lesli Ink brand
system uses this bold typeface for
headlines set in large sizes.

visby cf HEAVY

This geometric font is friendly yet
sophisticated, like Lesli Ink. Visby is
used in all-caps for subheads and (at
smaller sizes) for image annotations
and short notes.


This award-winning typeface is one of
our favourites. Lesli Ink uses the medium
weight of Harriet’s exuberant display
style for both sub-heads and short
amounts of prominent body copy.


Legible yet playful, Harriet Text Light is
used for workhorse body copy.


We appreciate you taking the time to
get to know us a little better. We’d love to
learn more about you!